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Our mission is to establish an interactive platform for users to share thoughts about local businesses in their city.

We are building a social community of helpful individuals. Think of us as a pioneering social review app of the future!

What is TapTab?

TapTab is a mobile app that hosts thousands of group chats on every imaginable topic related to Restaurants, Nightlife, Fitness & Health businesses, and Auto Services. The app automatically attaches a group chat to every listed establishment under these four verticals, allowing you to enter group chats about any existing business to share your thoughts. We aim to always to provide honest and reliable information to consumers through innovative multimedia channels.

Trustworthy Reviews

TapTab is a free, social communication platform for the community to share their thoughts and advice

Best of the Best

TapTab collects opinions and multimedia content from large, public group chats and shares the best comments with the world. See our publication (coming soon)

Social Search Engine

Our content focuses on four core tenets of city life: restaurants, nightlife, fitness, and auto services. Use us to find the best establishments in your area
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Some local businesses can be contacted by messaging them straight from our app. Skip the phone call when you get in touch with a business!

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Make friends with members of the TapTab community, including many owners of local businesses near you

Secure and Accountable

Use TapTab to pay friends and business owners easily and keep tabs on your spending [Coming Soon]
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Learn From Locals

Join group discussions and share your thoughts with the world.
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Social Proof is Eternal

Discover reviews about any business, service or product. Easily engage with people in the community.

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Connect with passionate, likeminded individuals on a whole new medium.
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Fast and Secure Payments

Pay others easily from the TapTab app.
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Promote your brand or your product to the local community and gain new customers and leads efficiently.

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