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How to wash your car like a pro

If you care about your car's exterior, you'll avoid those quickie car washes with the big brushes that can do more harm than good and do a DIY car wash

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Our weather isn’t exactly kind and when it comes to hot seasons and recently, even rainy days don’t feel very damp either. One of the biggest challenges is driving in

The ultimate checklist for a great road trip

Imagine going on a road trip just to have yourself stranded outside of your vehicle waving for help. Trips are fun and exciting however if you are poorly prepared, it

Common reasons for overheating radiator system

Your car’s engine is made up of a series of high-performance components that undergo combustion to transfer heat into kinetic energy. It works in extremely hot temperatures and it’s the

Motorcycle maintenance tips every rider should know

Get to know your motorcycle, read the handbook and make sure you understand its features, servicing requirements and the manufacturer’s advice on how best to care for it. A well-maintained

Motorcycle safety tips all riders must know

According to the National Motorcycle Institute, riding a motorbike is 27 times riskier than driving a car. Motorbikes are considerably smaller than other vehicles, which is precisely why it is