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Easy ways to heat proof your car

Our weather isn’t exactly kind and when it comes to hot seasons and recently, even rainy days don’t feel very damp either. One of the biggest challenges is driving in a car that has basked under the sun for a bit too long.

So, to help drivers and passengers stay cool, we’ve listed a few tricks that everyone can use:

Find shaded parking

Parking your car under the shades keeps it cool and lengthens your car’s lifespan. Some of us also tend to park outside in the sun just to avoid parking fees or because it’s more convenient. Keep in mind that heat can damage your car’s interior components and make them wear faster. It may save you some quick bucks to park outside, but exposing your car to heat will cost you big in the long run.

Use shades and towels

Sunshades keep the car cooler on sunny days by reflecting the sunlight away. They also block harmful UV rays. Sunshades are available at any major stores and come in various colors and sizes.

Towels can be used to wrap the steering wheel and the car seats. They allow the heat to be absorbed into them instead of the steering wheel or seats. When you get into your car, all you have to do is remove the towels and you’re good to go. No hot steering wheels or butt scorching seats anymore.

Leave your windows slightly opened

Whenever you are about to leave your car under the sun, wind down your windows a little for ventilation. This keeps the air flowing and prevents hot air from forming inside. Do this whenever you leave your car out in an open space and you won’t be greeted with an extremely humid cabin when you get into to the car.

Get a good quality tint (also known as window film)

Tints are pretty much a necessary add on when you get your car. However, it makes a whole lot of difference when you get a high-quality tint compared to a cheaper option. Poor quality tints are bad at absorbing heat and they also tend to bubble up after a certain period. This results in poor visibility for the driver and can be hazardous. Use good quality tints from reputable brands. The minimum visible light transmission (VLT) percentage allowed by the JPJ at the moment is:

– 70% for the front windscreen

– 50% for the front side windows

– 30% for the rear windows

– 30% for the rear windscreen

Using fabric seats

If you really can’t handle the cabin heat and need an immediate solution, one way is by changing your leather seats to fabrics. Leather traps heat easily and doesn’t disperse it as fast as fabric. Fabric seats, although are quick to warm, are also quick to cool down.


Don’t forget to keep your air conditioner working well as they are the immediate solution to ventilate and cool your car during hot days. If you notice your air conditioner isn’t cooling as efficiently as it supposed to, find a good service center using TapTab App around you and ask them to have a look.


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